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Agave Fiesta

  • Hotel Congress, 311 East Congress Street, Tucson, AZ 85701, United States

$50 | 21+

This annual signature event showcases all things agave, including presentations, over 50 artisanal and ancestral mezcals, and agave cocktail specials. Enjoy live music from Frontera Bugalú (El Paso) and DJ Buttafly, delicious food, agave spirit tastings, agave art, presentations from industry experts, and other goods produced or inspired by the agave plant. Price includes 4 agave spirit tastes, 2 beers, 3 cocktails, and paired food from the Cup Café culinary team.


  • 7:15pm – Frank Powers & Susan Coss officially open the event

  • 7:30pm — Frontera Bugalú Set One

  • 8:15pm — Remarks by Salvador Rosales Trejo of Tequila Cascahuin & Ivan Carreno of Mezcal Carreño

  • 8:30pm — Frontera Bugalú Set Two

  • 9:15pm — Remarks by Julie Anne Figueras of Bahnez and Yuan Ji of Erstwhile

  • 10:00pm Frank Powers and Susan Coss close the event

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