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Erstwhile Mezcal and The Epicurean Trader  are hosting a free in-store mezcal tasting + informal mezcal education / Q&A.

When: Friday 5-7 PM, November 15, 2019
Where: The Epicurean Trader, 401 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110

Drop by for a chance to sample some rare and beautiful mezcals from Oaxaca. Yuan Ji, co-founder of Erstwhile, will be on site to answer your burning questions about mezcal in an informal one-on-one setting. Bring Yuan your questions, enthusiasm and appetite. Don’t be shy!

Erstwhile is a woman-owned, woman-operated business. More than a mezcal brand, Erstwhile is a platform for the core values and social missions that its founders believe in: mezcal education, brand transparency, promoting small family producers to an international audience / fan base, empowerment of women in the mezcal / wine & spirits industry.

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