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If you were a Mezcal (or agave plant), would you be a Tepeztate or Tobalá?

Come discover for yourself.  On Saturday 5-8 PM, February 22, 2020, join Erstwhile Mezcal and Yolo Wine & Spirits for a FREE MEZCAL TASTING + MEZCAL EDUCATION Q&A.

Yolo Wine & Spirits
639 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

This event is a great opportunity to support and shop local, and to learn about Mezcal in an informal one-on-one setting.

We will be pouring Erstwhile’s Tepeztate-Tobalá Ensamble, a limited batch of 585 liters crafted by master producer Juan Hernández Méndez from Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.

This is our only Ensamble mezcal (mezcal made from more than one agave varietal) from Erstwhile’s flagship line.

This Tepeztate-Tobalá Ensamble is Tepeztate forward, meaning you will likely taste the green, vegetal, and drier notes of the Tepeztate first, before it expands into the Tobalá’s sweeter fruit notes and rounder body.

Come try this super delicious mezcal, and learn more about Tepeztate and Tobalá — two agaves that are so dramatically different in personality and flavor profile.


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