Virtual Mezcal Tastings

Host a private mezcal tasting – virtual or in person – for your special event.  Delight and inspire your guests with an unforgettable journey to Oaxaca.  Go behind the scenes and learn directly from our partner producers.  Taste rare, limited edition mezcal releases, lovingly curated for you and brought to life with personal stories from our founders.


Host A Private
Mezcal Tasting

Build genuine connections with your team, friends, guests, and valued customers. Captivate and delight your target audience with an immersive deep dive into the world of Mezcal. Let our experts lead you on an amazing journey, brought to life with our partner producers’ personal stories. Taste rare, best-in-class mezcal expressions, and gain a deeper appreciation for the land and people who make it all possible.

Meet Erstwhile’s
Partner Producers

Hear it directly from the source. At Erstwhile, our celebrities are our partner producers, all multi-generation master distillers of ancestral and artisanal mezcal.  See firsthand the labor and love that define their process.  From agave harvest to slow roasting; from the tahona to natural open-vat fermentation, distillation, and more; our partner producers take you behind the scenes through entertaining, educational videos.

Visit Erstwhile Mezcal’s YouTube Channel for a sneak preview.

Mezcal Education & Staff Training

Are you a mixologist, spirits buyer, or beverage director?  Manager or business owner working in Hospitality or the Wine & Spirits industry?

Passion is a habit.  Invest in your team.  Passionate employees make a stronger team and more profit for your business.   We focus on Mezcal education at Erstwhile, knowing that it empowers industry colleagues and consumers to be confident, informed decision makers.

Book a mezcal education training for your staff today.


Dylan Storment
Director of Wine & Spirits
Bar Campo and Los Poblanos

“Great mezcal tasting and training with Yuan at Erstwhile Mezcal! My staff was all very excited. Just tasted my dining room staff (who couldn’t make the training) on the Erstwhile lineup. They loved them all – especially the Arroqueño!”

Anita Vohra
Senior Director of Marketing

“We LOVE working with Erstwhile Mezcal. Our team had SO much fun! Thank you Yuan for all your knowledge, expertise, and passion behind the mezcal. Working with you was such a breeze, and you made the impossible happen for our company’s end of year celebration. From sorting all the logistics, to extra attention to the tiny details, to a fantastic, interactive event – we had a blast. I have passed your information on to my colleagues, and I can’t wait to work with you on future events!”

Debra Lewis
National Sales Manager
Vintage ’59 Wines & Spirits

“Thank you again for hosting this great mezcal tasting on Zoom with me and some friends. … [W]e were communicating by chat, but believe me we were interacting here! We are now Mezcal drinkers with a deeper appreciation and understanding.”