Show up to life with style!  Use these metal pins to spruce up your denim, backpack, or tuxedo.  The possibilities are endless here.  Guaranteed to turn heads, start conversations, and stand out in the crowd.


For people who love beauty, design, artisanal products, and businesses with a social mission.  For mezcal lovers, doers, risk-takers, nonconformists, independent thinkers, and swashbucklers. 

  • 2 sizes
  • Safety pin backing
  • Made in USA

Emblazoned with Erstwhile Mezcal’s super dope logo: a woman warrior holding a flowering quiote, riding a velociraptor and charging forth.


Erstwhile Mezcal is a woman-owned, woman-operated business.  We support fellow women in mezcal production and all aspects of the industry whenever possible. In almost every mezcal producer family we have met and worked with, there is at least one strong, capable woman in the family who makes things run.  


Erstwhile Mezcal’s logo honors that.


The Erstwhile woman is strong and capable. She’s got spunk and grit, but not at the expense of beauty and femininity. She is warm. She is whimsical.  She has a great sense of humor. But you do not want to mess with her. She is surely going where she sets her mind to, and there is no stopping her.


Diameter, in, in12
Thickness, in, in0.160.16