The Origins of Mezcal, Tequila and Agave Spirit Distillation in West-Central Mexico

How, and where, did distillation of agave spirits like mezcal, tequila, tuxca, raicilla, and bacanora first begin in Mexico? Several theories have been proposed by researchers, historians, and archaeologists.  Some suggest indigenous populations had been distilling alcohol from agave plants before European contact.  Others claim agave spirit distillation began during the early 17th century, after [...]

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Erstwhile Mezcal Joins U.S. Trade Mission to Hong Kong for Business Expansion in Asia

Erstwhile Mezcal is pleased to announce its upcoming visit to Hong Kong from December 4th to 8th, 2023. Yuan Ji, Founder of Erstwhile Mezcal, will join a delegation of American companies to Hong Kong as part of a U.S. Department of Commerce Certified Trade Mission organized by IBS Global Consulting with the support of the [...]

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