Part I | Why Is Mezcal So Dam$ Expensive in the United States?

Ever wonder why some mezcals cost less than $50 per bottle, and others close to $150 and more?  Are the expensive bottles better?  And if so, in what ways? Before entering the mezcal industry, I had these same questions.  That was before my co-founder and I set forth to start Erstwhile Mezcal, an importing company, [...]

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The Anticuado

[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:6] This cocktail is smooth on the palate with a touch of creaminess, smoke, medicine, and spice. The creaminess can be adjusted by substituting the hard-to-find Bogart's Bitters with more common Angostura. A note on this marvelous glass. This is a stunning late 19th century Venetian art glass coupe designed by [...]

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Chauvinism and Gender Bias in the Mezcal Industry

  Recently, I had a disturbing but thought-provoking experience with a discussion thread on Reddit. It occurred to me that the problems underlying my experience are not limited to the mezcal industry, and may manifest themselves in other industries as well. I want to share what happened and how I responded, in case my fellow [...]

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