How to Elevate Women in Mezcal, Wine and Spirits | Part I: Sit at the Table

Erstwhile Mezcal’s core values are gender-neutral for the most part: mezcal education, transparency, empowering small producers to grow through export.  That said, elevating underrepresented voices - including those of women - in Mezcal and the broader wine & spirits industry pulls equal weight in guiding every action and decision we make as a company. Before [...]

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Chauvinism and Gender Bias in the Mezcal Industry

  Recently, I had a disturbing but thought-provoking experience with a discussion thread on Reddit. It occurred to me that the problems underlying my experience are not limited to the mezcal industry, and may manifest themselves in other industries as well. I want to share what happened and how I responded, in case my fellow [...]

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