In Memoriam: Juan Hernández Méndez

Juan Hernández Méndez - our friend; Erstwhile Mezcal's partner producer; loving husband and father of four; skilled mezcal artisan from Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca - passed away on Sunday evening, September 27, 2020. We are drinking Juan's mezcal tonight to remember him.  We hope you are too. Where to begin?  Juan was kind.  Juan was welcoming.  [...]

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Hortensia Hernández Martínez & Juan Hernández Méndez: Mezcal Family

  Hortensia Hernández Martínez and Juan Hernández Méndez, circa March 2018, in front of the fermentation vats at their family palenque in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.   At Erstwhile Mezcal, we work with each and every one of our partner mezcaleros with care and passion, committing our brand and reputation only after countless tastings [...]

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First Artisanal Henequén Mezcal in the US Market

  Erstwhile Mezcal is the first and only importer to launch a certified artisanal Henequén mezcal in the US market. This rare distillation, made from cultivated Henequén piñas, is a small-batch limited edition of only 397 liters (about 500 bottles total). Master mezcalero Juan Hernández Méndez (one of our partner producers based in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca) [...]

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