Erstwhile? Velociraptor? Our Name and Logo Explained.

    What is the story behind Erstwhile Mezcal’s logo?  Why is our brand called Erstwhile?  We get asked these questions a lot from folks who are getting to know us for the first time.  I figured it is high time that I write a blog post addressing these excellent questions.   WHAT IS THE [...]

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The Earliest Known Map of Oaxaca

La Mas Noble y Leal Ciudad de Oaxaca dividida en Quarteles de orden del Exmo. Señor Marques de Branciforte Virei de esta Nueva España. Erstwhile Mezcal is the passion project of its two co-founders: Yuan Ji and yours sincerely. From its inception, Erstwhile Mezcal has always been inextricably tied to our never-ending love affair with [...]

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