Craft Spirits Berlin

Erstwhile wins BEST IN CLASS with the highest rating in the Mezcal / Agave Spirits category at Craft Spirits Berlin Awards 2023, Europe's largest competition dedicated to handcrafted spirits.  Congratulations to Erstwhile producer partners Epifania Gómez and Silverio García for winning the gold medal with their Espadin mezcal and silver with Madrecuishe (2021 Ancestral Limited [...]

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In this Flaviar article spotlighting a new Mexican spirit called Cucharillo, Max Garrone (co-founder of Mezcalistas) recommends Erstwhile's Cucharillo (2021 Limited Edition) - crafted by Mario Lucas García and his family from wild Sotol plants growing in their own land in San Isidro Guishe, Oaxaca.

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