Inner Wealth

In this episode of Inner Wealth podcast, Nicole Cacal (Founder of Forbes Ignite) speaks with Yuan Ji (Founder of Erstwhile Mezcal) about applying her legal expertise to advocacy efforts on behalf of independent mezcal producers in Mexico, serving others through your business, and the iterative process of uncovering your company’s mission.

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Legends Behind the Craft

In this episode of Legends Behind the Craft podcast, Drew Hendricks speaks with Erstwhile founder Yuan Ji about the importance of authenticity in building a brand, preservation of family traditions in mezcal production, and digital marketing to bring awareness to small family-owned mezcal producers.  In this bonus Special Tasting Series episode, Drew and Yuan sit [...]

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France 44

Tashi Johns at France 44 - one of the best wine & spirits purveyors in Minnesota - highlights Erstwhile Mezcal and our women partner producers in this guide on how consumers can support sustainability and reduce negative environmental impact when shopping for mezcal, gin, bourbon, scotch, whiskey, and more.

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