• Tobalá (2023 Ancestral Limited Edition)

    Crafted from 100% Tobalá agave, this delightful sipper – bursting with ripe tropical fruits and sweet caramel notes – is the ultimate crowd pleaser for mezcal connoisseurs and first-time drinkers alike.

    A legacy of the era when Mezcal production was illegal in Oaxaca, this batch of Tobalá crafted by Silverio García Luis – a 2023 Ancestral Limited Release – rescues a García family tradition that had been forgotten for almost fifty years.

    Don Lencho, Silverio’s father, used a hollowed out quiote (the flowering stalk of agave plants) instead of a copper turbante, to evade the military that would come and seize his distillation equipment by force.

    Now you too can partake in this unique mezcal tradition from the García family in Rancho Blanco Güilá, Oaxaca, available for the first time in the United States in partnership with Erstwhile Mezcal.

    $109.95 (750ml)

  • Tobalá (2021 Ancestral Limited Edition)

    This rare batch of Tobalá – one of Erstwhile’s 2021 Ancestral Limited Releases- marks Master Mezcalero Juan Abel Quiroz Agustín’s debut in the United States and international markets.  Only 200 liters made.  Natural open-vat fermentation in Santa María Sola, Oaxaca.  Distilled exclusively in Filipino-style stills made with clay pots.

    $69.95 (375ml)

  • Tepeztate-Tobalá Ensamble (2018 Limited Edition)

    A true blend of 50% Tepeztate and 50% Tobalá, two agaves that are dramatically different in personality.  This Tepeztate-Tobalá Ensamble is Tepeztate forward, meaning you will likely taste the green, vegetal, and pear notes of the Tepeztate first, before it expands into the Tobalá’s sweeter fruit notes and rounder body.

    $109.95 (750ml)

  • Tobalá (2018 Limited Edition)

    This Tobalá mezcal is an easy sipper, with tropical fruit notes and a rounder mouth feel. It makes us think of dessert, and would make a fabulous after-dinner digestif with dessert or on its own. Banana foster, creme brûlée, banana pudding … The possibilities are endless.

    $109.95 (750ml)

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