Give the storytellers and craft spirit lovers in your life a gift that will light up their imaginations this holiday season.

Erstwhile Ancestral Mezcal Trio is open for pre-orders only at Pre-order today in time for the holidays, while supplies last.

Taste three heritage mezcals – distilled in clay pots – from two legendary producers:

  • Madre Cuishe Mezcal (2021 Ancestral Limited Edition) 375ml
  • Espadin Mezcal (2021 Ancestral Limited Edition) 375ml
  • Arroqueño-Espadin Ensamble (2021 Ancestral Limited Edition) 375ml



Don Lencho García (left) and Abel Quiroz (right) join forces for the first time to bring you this Ancestral Mezcal Trio! Look for their portraits in the bottles.


Don Lencho is a renowned Cultural Treasure of Mezcal. Abel distills only with clay pots and makes some of the most unforgettable mezcals we know. Clay pots – more porous and prone to breakage than metal stills – give lower yields during distillation, making these small-batch productions extra precious.



Abel does not have his own bottling facility.  Epifania and Silverio, Erstwhile partner producers who make our classic Espadin, stepped in to help Abel with bottling. Silverio drove for hours to pick up Abel’s batches, and brought his father Don Lencho along for the ride.


This is how these two master distillers met and shared a mezcalito for the first time at Abel’s home in Santa María Sola, Oaxaca.


A legacy of the era when Mezcal production was illegal in Oaxaca, the Madre Cuishe rescues a García family tradition that had been forgotten for more than forty years.

To make mezcal in secret, Don Lencho would use a hollowed out quiote (the flowering stalk of agave plants) instead of a copper tube during distillation, to evade the military that would come and seize his equipment by force.

With the Ancestral Mezcal Trio, you too can partake in this unique bootleg tradition from the García family in Rancho Blanco Güilá, Oaxaca.



Let us host a FREE private mezcal tasting* for you and your favorite people this holiday season. Here are the steps:

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