Chauvinism and Gender Bias in the Mezcal Industry

Recently, I had a disturbing but thought-provoking experience with a discussion thread on Reddit. It occurred to me that the problems underlying my experience are not limited to the mezcal industry, and may manifest themselves in other industries as well. I want to share what happened and how I responded, in case my fellow entrepreneurs [...]

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Erstwhile Mezcal + BBQ | Sunday Asado at Colonia Verde

Last Sunday (June 16, 2019, which also happened to be Father’s Day), we made our mezcal debut at Colonia Verde’s sold-out Sunday Asado.  Although the event was only three hours long, the turnout, incredible energy and all-around good vibes were free flowing and permeated Colonia’s Verde lovely Brooklyn backyard from the get-go.  We had a [...]

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Erstwhile Mezcal’s Online Store is Live!

Hello, fellow mezcal lovers!  We have some really exciting news to share with you.  You can now order Erstwhile Mezcal online directly from our website, and have your favorite mezcals shipped directly to your front door or to family / friends all over the country! To fully understand why this is such a big deal for us, consider Erstwhile [...]

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La Lonchería + Erstwhile = Best NYC Mezcal Monday

It is our immense pleasure to spotlight and team up with our friends at La Lonchería: New York’s first Mexican lonchería and our beloved neighborhood mezcaleria in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn. Imagine a classic Mexican cantina meets modern luncheonette / diner. Serving casual but sublimely delicious food. Understated but undeniably cool in every aesthetic, [...]

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Erstwhile? Velociraptor? Our Name and Logo Explained.

      What is the story behind Erstwhile Mezcal’s logo?  Why is there a baby in the black-and-white photo on the back label?  Why is our project called Erstwhile? We get asked these questions a lot from folks who are getting to know us for the first time.  I figured it is high time [...]

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Silverio García Luis: Master Mezcalero

Master mezcalero Silverio García Luis, his wife Epifania Gomez Mejia, and their youngest son, at their home in Rancho Blanco Güilá, Oaxaca.   Mezcal made from Espadín, a cultivated (versus wild) varietal of the agave plant, is by far the most common varietal you are likely to find in your local liquor store, [...]

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Juan Hernández Méndez: Master Mezcalero

  Hortensia and Juan Hernández, circa March 2018, in front of the tinas (fermentation vats) at their family palenque in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.   At Erstwhile Mezcal, we select each and every one of our partner mezcaleros with care and passion, committing our brand and reputation only after countless tastings and feeling a [...]

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First Artisanal Henequén Mezcal in the US Market

  Erstwhile Mezcal is the first and only mezcal importer to launch an artisanal Henequén mezcal in the US market. This rare distillation, made from cultivated Henequén piñas, is a small-batch limited edition of only 397 liters (about 500 bottles total). Master mezcalero Juan Hernández Méndez (one of our partner mezcaleros based in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca) made [...]

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The Earliest Known Map of Oaxaca

La Mas Noble y Leal Ciudad de Oaxaca dividida en Quarteles de orden del Exmo. Señor Marques de Branciforte Virei de esta Nueva España. Erstwhile Mezcal is the passion project of its two co-founders: Yuan Ji and yours sincerely. From its inception, Erstwhile Mezcal has always been inextricably tied to our never-ending love affair with [...]

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