It is our immense pleasure to spotlight and team up with our friends at La Lonchería: New York’s first Mexican lonchería and our beloved neighborhood mezcaleria in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

La Lonchería + Erstwhile = Best NYC Mezcal Monday

Imagine a classic Mexican cantina meets modern luncheonette / diner. Serving casual but sublimely delicious food. Understated but undeniably cool in every aesthetic, from the wall art and custom tiling to the lighting and counter design. With a staff and atmosphere that exemplify what we love about our home borough: eclectic, unpretentious, convivial, artistic, welcoming.


La Lonchería is doing an incredible 2-for-1 Mezcal Monday promotion right now, January through February 2019. They are featuring Erstwhile’s Henequén as their Mezcal of the Month for January and February. Every Monday, you can get two servings of this rare and delicious mezcal for the price of one. Don’t wait. Go today!


Not sure why this is a big deal? Let us elaborate, especially for fellow mezcal lovers who also love history. Henequén is an agave native to the Yucatán, not Oaxaca or any of the other mezcal-making states in Mexico. Henequén played a pivotal role in Yucatán’s socioeconomic history, particularly in the 19th century, and to such an extent that it came to be known as the “green gold” of the Yucatán. Nonetheless, mezcal made from Henequén is uncommon even in Mexico, and practically unheard of outside Mexico.


Erstwhile is the first brand to bring an artisanal Henequén mezcal to the United States. This is a special release and part of our flagship line. There are only 397 liters (about 500 bottles) for the entire batch! The piñas were grown in the Yucatán, but were cooked and distilled by master mezcalero Juan Hernández Méndez in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.


If we ever make a movie or write a novel about Erstwhile Mezcal, without a doubt there would be many a memorable scene featuring La Lonchería. Their La Niña Popov lamb-belly barbacoa torta transported us back to Mexico upon the first bite, with that rush of infatuation and carnivorous bliss we normally associate with only our favorite tacos in Oaxaca. La Lonchería was where we headed last September, elated and exhausted, after debuting Erstwhile at our very first Mexico in a Bottle. It was also where, on a frigid New York winter night last month, a giant steaming bowl of pozole verde revived our bodies and souls after a long day of hard labor at our chilly warehouse ….

All just a long way to say, we really hope you come grab dinner or brunch at La Lonchería soon, try our Henequén, and ask for Erstwhile if you order a cocktail. If you don’t live in New York, forward this letter to family and friends who do. Carry on Brooklyn’s strong tradition of supporting local businesses and artisanal excellence! May the Force be with you.


Yuan Ji

Co-Founder of Erstwhile Mezcal